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Our Approach

Multidisciplinary | Eclectic |Individualized


Multidisciplinary, Eclectic, Individualized.

We want to meet you and get to know your child's specific needs and how we can best support your family.

Our multidisciplinary assessment begins with and ends with you as a key member of your child's solution team

We prioritize accurate diagnosis as a necessary  first step to intervention and employ an eclectic blend of developmental and behavioral therapies to meet your child's needs.

Father and Son

Mabel Okereafor,

Developmental Psychologist &

Child Development Expert

As a mother of 4 wonderful children, I know how concerning it can be when your child appears to be behind on their milestones, having supported 2 of my children who had mild delays in communication in their toddler years.

Nurture Child Development Clinic was birthed not only to support families of children with developmental disorders but also for families whose children might require standardized support to kick start their developmental journey just like my own children needed.

As a developmental consultant, I have worked with mainstream and specialist schools that support children with delays, learning differences or disabilities (autism, ADHD, Down Syndrome & SpLDs) in the Lagos metropolis. I lead assessment teams and supervise multidisciplinary program teams.

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