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Assessment Services

Information You Need to Optimize Your Child's Potentials!

Acting fast when your child is experiencing delays in their development, difficulties with learning or behavior is key to their recovery process. Research shows that early intervention within the first 5 years of life is strongly liked to better outcomes in the longer term.

Let's help you get the process started with our suite of professional assessment and diagnostic services.

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Developmental & Diagnostic Assessment

 Our team of licensed developmental specialists provides standardized developmental and diagnostic assessments for children 18 moths to college.


This assessment helps you understand your child's developmental profile, how well they are developing compared to children in the same age bracket and if the difficulties you have noticed is just a delay or an issues that will require specialized intervention.


We receive referrals for children with delays in their

  • Speech & language development

  • Play & social interaction skills

  • Learning & cognition

  • general gaps across their milestones

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Psychoeducational Assessment

Our psychoeducational assessments provide expert educational and psychological assessment for children 6 years to college who show signs of learning distress, educational under achievement and difficulties in either literacy, Math, handwriting or inattention.


A psychoeducational assessment helps us determine underlying cognitive processing issues that may be responsible for the issues your child is experiencing with their learning and we are able to make recommendations for targeted intervention for your child. 

Psychoeducational assessment is recommended if your child is:

  • Struggling to learn to read, write, does not understand what they read

  • Has difficulty mastering Math concepts as expected for their age.

  • If you have tried extra-tutoring and additional support in school without success.

  • Your child has repeated the same class with no improvement in their performance.

  • Your child's self-esteem is beginning to be affected


Getting help for your child increases their opportunities for accessing the support they need to make progress.  Request a call back by filling the form at the bottom of this page.

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Migration Assessment Services

Migrating to Canada, United States or Europe with your child with special needs?


Nuture Child Development Clinic provides internationally valid standardized assessments for children 18 months to college to compliment your comprehensive health screening required for your visa application.

Our team of developmental psychologists have helped families like yours improve their application prospect by providing comprehensive and professionally written reports that ensures your child's assessment report is approved at first presentation.

Save time and get your child with special needs profiled today.  Kindly enter your details below and we will call you,

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