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Nurturing BestStarts For Every Child

"We want healthy births, children thriving at three, children eager and curios at five and successful when they reach third grade. Those are the outcomes we are looking for".

Joan Lombardi

Preschool class in Africa, boy looking to camera


Get professional insights to each child's development across all domains and make data driven decisions about creating the best fit learning experience for the child!

Our Partners

Pediatric Health Services

Are you a pediatrician or family medicine practitioner that works with young children? Complete developmental screenings from your tab/phone, automatic scoring with comprehensive reporting when you join our partners network.


Keep tabs on all children's milestones, identify children at risk of dyslexia or other learning difficulties and, get immediate expert answers to questions about each child's development when you need it.


Got questions and conflicting answers from well meaning friends and family about the delays your child is experiencing in speech, cognition or other milestones? Put an end to the guessing and get the expert answers you need right away by taking our online developmental screen.


Learn more about common developmental, learning and behavioral difficulties children birth to 5 years may experience.

Speech Delays?

Delays in language development are the most often reported cases for young children. Learn the signs and what you can do to help.

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Autism spectrum disorders affect a child's language, social interaction and behaviors. To learn more about the signs , click on the link below. 


Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorders (ADHD) is sometimes difficult to determine in young children, especially boys. What are some of the distinguishing factors to help you identify if a child has ADHD?

Learning Difficulties

Some children will struggle with reading, Math, handwriting or have struggles across all areas of their learning. Learning Difficulties affects 30% of school aged children. Learn the signs and know how to help a child who may have such difficulties.

About Nuture Beststarts Program

Nurture Beststarts Program enables an environment that supports optimal child development and school success for all children by providing access to expert developmental monitoring and screening tools to pediatric practices, schools and families of children birth to 8 years.

We believe every child has an inherent capacity to attain their highest potential when supported by parents and care providers (health care providers, early years educators & families) who are knowledgeable and empowered with the right information and skills to support each child's development in the early years.

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