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BestStart for Every Child...

Research in brain science and reports from the Harvard Child Study Center provides evidence that the first 5 years of a child's life present the most critical period of brain development. This period represents the peak of brain development compared to any other phase of the child's life.

It is at this period that foundations of lifelong learning and achievement is established through early experiences in the child's environment. As key connections are made in the brain, areas well stimulated grow stronger while areas not stimulated grow weak and die. This process is called pruning and helps the child's brain strengthen areas within the brain that have been identified as "useful".

Our Nuture Beststarts Program is more than a developmental monitoring program. Developed by experts in the field of developmental child psychology and pediatrics, we have created a system that equips your school with all the tools you need to give each child on your program the best start for academic achievement and lifelong success.

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