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Instant access, globally validated, comprehensive & Secure.

Online Developmental & Behavioral Screening 



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Use our online child development screening tools that are trusted by families and clinicians globally for a quick accurate measure of your child's development across Seven (7) developmental domains; communication, cognition, behavioral fine motor, gross motor, socio-emotional and academic skills. 


Our screening tools are standardized, professional grade and instantly accessible. Our tools combine your knowledge as a parent who knows a lot about your child with, clinically curated questions to measure your child's development against age expectations and comes up with reliable results you can use in deciding next steps for your child. 


  1. Give you an idea of whether your child is developing well for his or her age

  2. Whether the delays you are concerned about require immediate action or watchful waiting.

  3. Whether you need information about things you can do at home to help him or her learn or behave better

  4. Whether your child would need additional testing, specialized teaching services or therapies

  5. Direct you to programs and resources for helping your child including services close to you.

  6. For children 18 months through 4 years of age, we will also offer you the MCHAT-R without additional expense. The MCHAT-R focuses on language, communication, social skills, and checks for the possibility of autism spectrum disorders.


This screening test does not give a diagnosis but they can help determine if you need to go for a more comprehensive assessment for your child.


Screening is available in two cost effective options:

1. Screen only with comprehensive report for your child

2. Screen with virtual consultation with our licensed developmental child psychologist.



Link takes you to our secure payment portal.  

receive link

Receive link to our online screening portal . Respond to all questions and submit test. It takes less than 30 minutes to complete. 

You can complete test on your phone, tablet or laptop.


Get a comprehensive report in your email within 24 hours, with age scores and recommendations on next steps.

It is fast, confidential and safe.

Your child's data is stored on our partner site under high standard secure systems that apply to health records. 

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Option 1: Screening only

Click here.

Option 2: Screening with virtual consultation, click here.

Problems with Learning in School?


















Is your child struggling with maintaining attention in class, Math, Reading or perhaps having difficulties expressing themselves?

Research by the Yale study center shows that 20% of school children will struggle with learning. 80% of the children who struggle are said to be children who go on to have dyslexia.

Dyslexia is an unexpected difficulty in reading for a child who has the intelligence to be a much better reader.


With dyslexia, your child is able to speak as expected for their age and understands when spoken to. They are able to understand a story when it is read to them but, are not able to put sounds together, read or spell correctly as expected for their age. 

Children with dyslexia usually do not outgrow it and may have difficulties succeeding in school. When identified early, your child can receive intervention that will help them gain skills to succeed in school.

It is recommended that all children get a learning screening between the ages 4 - 5 years as they prepare to move on to grade/primary school.


A learning screening at age 4 years ensures that your child has one or two academic sessions to build strengths in areas of weakness identified during screening and is better prepared for grade/primary school.

Preschool class in South Africa, boy looking to camera

Get Help for Your Child.

If your child is having difficulties learning, they are more likely to overcome it when intervention starts before they turn 8 years.

With our online learning screening for children 4 - 7 years, you have a quick, reliable, and comprehensive way to identify if your child is at risk for learning disorders, including developmental language disorders, dyslexia, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyscalculia, and speech sound disorders.

Using our online screening tool, we will check your child's progress in 9 critical areas:

  1. Receptive language

  2. Expressive language

  3. Social communication

  4. Early literacy

  5. Reading

  6. Attention

  7. Math calculation

  8. Speech sound production

  9. Motor skills

All areas that are critical to your child's learning success.

Benefits of getting your child screened include:

  • Screen right from the comfort of your home, from wherever you are.

  • Early identification for prompt intervention

  • Comprehensive report to guide your child's school on areas they can pay special attention to

  • Re-testing opportunities through the school year to track your child's progress.

  • Referral for more in-depth assessment at no additional cost for children who require it.

The best time to take action for your child's academic success is now.

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