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Developmental, Behavioral &
 Learning Difficulties Intervention for children

We diagnose and treat late talkers, speech delays, inattention, learning difficulties, autism and other delays that interfere with your child's optimal development & learning success. 

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Monitor Your Child's Development

Do you know that there are certain stages in your child’s development when critical skills are best supported for optimal development and learning success?

Knowing what to look out for during these critical periods of development helps you identify gaps and provide timely stimulation for your child’s optimal development.

Children birth to 2 yrs. should be checked every 6 – 12 mths. Children 2 – 8 yrs. should be checked at least once annually.  Children who experienced difficulties at birth or were born preterm should be screened quarterly. Click now to know if your child's development is on track.



Early Intervention


(1- 5 years.)

  • Late Talkers

  • Autism

  • Inattention

  • Social/Play Skills

  • Behavioral Difficulties

  • Motor delays

Whatever your  concerns about your child's development, behavior or learning; we are here to walk you through a professional diagnosis and therapy that is totally supportive of your family.

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Private Consultations

Sometimes, parents are the first to notice when a child is lagging behind developmentally or having learning difficulties. We consult with families to bring professional clarity & jointly work out solutions to get each child back on track.


We provide standardized and comprehensive diagnostic and psychoeducational assessment services.

The purpose of a diagnostic assessment or psychological/psychoeducational testing for your child is to establish whether or not there are developmental, learning or behavioral concerns that may need to be addressed. This type of evaluation is the first step in getting your child supports.

School Consultations 

As a leading solutions provider in the field of child development, we understand that schools and their teams often need a professional team to help them understand and better support the development of the children and families they serve.

Our Beststarts Program for schools offers a comprehensive suite of services that ensures no child is left behind because of a developmental delay, learning or behavioral difficulty. 


Parents Recommend

Mr. Saddiq A.

Nurture has been really helpful to my son, who has “mild autism”. Our relationship is 18 months old and we have seen tremendous improvement in our son’s communication and social skills. The feedback including suggestions and advice from them is also great.

Mr. Oghide .O.

As a parent I began to be concerned when I noticed my 6 y/o daughter was not sitting still during her zoom classes occasioned by the lockdown and even more when she seemed o be struggling with maths. Her class teacher had in the past subtly suggested we get her to see a therapist as she had noticed same when physical classes were still ongoing. Knowing there is a lot of misconceptions about seeking professional help, I did research of my own and decided on Nurture Nigeria. With combined physical and online sessions, within a space of 3 months, the improvement in her concentration and communication skills were tremendous and she no longer struggles with her sums as before. She is continuing therapy and getting to manage hersef better all thanks to the good work done by the professionals at Nurture , it's been worth the time, effort and every kobo. Thank you!

Mrs. Adeniyi O.

Amazing Therapists are top notch, youthful minds with great ideas and methodology. Training for mothers / parents are helpful. Thanks to NCDC for making me understand my child better and I'm happy he has improved. Good comments from class teacher; now he has friends in class.


Clinic, Home or School; we support your child where it matters the most...

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