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In Person or Virtual

Finding the Right Plan for Your Child

Geography or location should not be a hindrance to your child's access to high quality, multidisciplinary therapy. All our services can be accessed face to face or via our Teletherapy Platform. 

  • Teletherapy Plan

    Every month
    Private Assessment & Coaching via Video Conferencing Service
    • Individualized therapy plan for your child
    • One of Communication/behavior/learning/Occupational Therapy
    • One to one therapy right in your home
    • Parent focused training so you can better support your child
    • Therapy goals are generalized to meet skill gaps at home
    • Plan covers 10 sessions per month.
  • In Person Plan

    Every month
    In Person Therapy at the Clinic
    • Individualized Therapy plan with bi-annual revision of goals
    • One of Communication/Behavior/Occupational/Academic Therapy.
    • Single Diets (Handwriting) or Combos for children in schools
    • Weekly update reports to keep up with your child's progress
    • Plan covers 10 sessions per month of any selected module
  • ASD Parent Sessions

    For parents who want to eliminate problem behaviors
    Valid for 10 weeks
    • 10 Live Masterclasses on behavior management
    • Learn how what triggers problem behaviors in your child
    • Weekly assignments & Practice sessions
    • Data tracking to measure progress
    • Easy to use worksheets
    • Learn ABA strategies to use with your child
    • Week days & weekend options, all classes are virtual
  • Developmental Play

    Every week
    Activate your child's social awareness & engagement.
    • 1:1 Developmental Play Therapy with therapist
    • Individualized play plan specific to your child
    • Weekly goals and targets
    • Observable & measurable progress in 12 weeks
    • Optional Parent modules to transfer and generalize skills
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