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Need help finding the right support for your child?

Whether your child is showing signs of being a late talker, has difficulties concentrating in school or has been diagnosed with autism or other developmental disabilities, we have just the right program for you! 

Mother and Child

Get your child's language going


The Hanen SPARK Communication™ is an evidence-based program developed by the Hanen Center, Canada and designed specifically to support young children (birth to 5 years of age) with a communication & language delay.


This 8-week program teaches and guides you to:


  • Know your child’s current communication stage and what skills they need to move up to the next stage of the communication ladder.

  • Identify what you can do differently when communicating with your child to make them respond more to you.

  • Learn new ways to introduce words to your child that is easy for them to pick up and start increasing their vocabulary.

  • Adjust everyday routines (feeding, bath time, school runs), to build your child’s language skills.

  • Learn practical strategies to help your child learn new words, increase their vocabulary and use words more often to communicate his/her needs.

Program components:


  1. One to one coaching by an Hanen licensed SPARK Communication™ therapist.

  2.  One pre-program consultation session for you and your child with the therapist to determine baseline skills and understand your child’s specific language needs.

  3. Eight coaching sessions with the therapist.

  4. Weekly assignments and feedback sessions to identify strategies that are most effective and modifications to help your child make more gains.

  5. Limited slots available for Saturday live virtual sessions for working parents.


This is a parent implemented program; you will receive weekly one to one coaching from our Hanen licensed SPARK Communication™ therapist who will model specific strategies and guide you on how to implement these strategies with your child.

Developmental Play Program

Engage | Share | Communicate

Do any of these phrases apply to your toddler “enjoys playing alone”, “too shy”, “has words but does not hold conversations”? Then it is in your child’s best interest to get them enrolled in our Developmental Play Therapy Program.


Our developmental play therapy program utilizes an evidence-based curriculum to systematically build your child’s ability to engage with peers and adults, respond to and initiate play and, use more words to express their ideas.


Program is recommended for toddlers (15 months to 3 years) with language delays and social interaction difficulties who struggle to respond to or initiate social advances with other children and adults. It is also suitable for toddlers with an autism spectrum diagnosis (ASD).


This is a 6-month program implemented by a trained therapist with follow up modules at home that is implemented by parents for greater traction. Sessions can be at home, school or clinic. Children with an ASD diagnosis may require an extended plan depending of severity of symptoms.



Your child's greatest need is to be understood and supported to cope with the daily demands of a sensory overwhelming world. As a parent, it is frustrating when you can't seem to understand those needs or have the skills to meet those needs. This 8-week course is guaranteed to help you understand your child better, understand what their behaviors are meant to communicate and empower you with skills to prevent and manage problem behaviors. 

The program is designed for parents who are interested in taking a more active role in your child’s therapy, parents in locations with minimal or no access to qualified therapists and, for families on waitlist who want to get their child’s intervention started at home.

Stubborn noisy african child girl in tan

Modules in this course will help you:


  • Better understand your child’s diagnosis, navigate therapy and school processes

  • Use the principles of applied behavior analysis to reduce, manage and in some cases, eliminate difficult behaviors that affect learning & social inclusion

  • Increase your child’s compliance to instructions.

  • Teach your child skills that increase their independence (focus is on functional communication and self-help skills)

  • Create a structured routine for your child, etc.


 It equips you with all the information you need to be an enlightened member of your child’s therapy program. It is specifically for parents who want to see a significant decrease in their child's problem behavior, boost self-help skills and, can commit to implementing weekly assignments at home with their child.

Click on service titles to learn more and book a program.

  • Boost your child's language and communication skills.

    1 hr

    Call for Pricing
  • Do you have concerns about your child's language and social skills?

    15,000 Nigerian nairas
  • Get the behaviors out of the way, rediscover your child!

    1 hr 30 min

    150,000 Nigerian nairas
  • Cognition | Handwriting | Attention | Movement | Program

    1 hr

    5,000 Nigerian nairas
  • Comprehensive developmental and/or learning assessment

    6 hr

    Price Varies
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